Community Information

About Cornerstone Properties, Inc.

Cornerstone Properties, Inc. was formed in 1987 for the purpose of providing professional management to homeowners’ associations throughout the Valley.  The corpo­rate offices are located at 4523 East Broadway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85040 and the tele­phone number is (602) 433-0331.  It is the goal of CPI, to provide the expertise, experience, and sophistication in management required by today’s community associations.  We are available to answer questions or assist at any time.

Landscape Maintenance Process

The goal of the landscape maintenance process is to consistently improve the beauty and enhance property values of DV/FP by securing high quality professional landscape care that uses sound environmental practices at an affordable price. To achieve this goal a contract has been placed with Desert Foothills Landscape Company (DFL) to provide the services to enhance the landscape and promote proper plant growth in the Common Areas. In addition, their responsibility does extend into the wash areas to ensure they are free of debris that would prevent water flow. The DFL performance is monitored on a routine basis each month as well as having a formal annual review.

For maintenance purposes DV/FP has been divided into 4 sections as shown in the diagram below.  DFL is scheduled one day per week to address landscape maintenance in the designated area for that week. For example, during the first week of the month on their designated day DFL will spend their time in the section outlined in blue. The following week of the month the area outline in yellow and so on such that during each month all areas will be covered, one area on the assigned day per week.  During any month with 5 weeks the DFL crew during the 5th week will work on areas in need further attention.

Desert Views/Four Peaks Maintenance Areas