Sharell Mikesell

2020 - 2022

Cindy Johnston

Vice President

Doug Foore

2019 - 2021

Matt Lucky

2020 - 2022

Board Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Establish the mission and policies of the Desert Views/Four Peaks(DV/FP) organization, i.e., what is to be accomplished and the process
  2. Exercise management oversight of the DV/FP assets and maintenance of the community toward increasing homeowner value and safety
  3. Approve annual budgets, provide oversight of financial resources and use of funds and maintain adequacy of the reserve funds for major capital projects
  4. Enforce the governing documents equally, not selectively, and without regard to whether the owner is a neighbor, friend or relative
  5. Respond to community issues and problems offered by homeowners in a timely manner

Board Election Process

The Annual Meeting for Desert Views Four Peaks Homeowners’ Association meets annually on the fourth Monday of January each year.  Board of Director terms are staggered so each year several terms come up for election.  Notification of the Annual Meeting and request for Candidates, along with an application will be sent to all owners 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting.   If you are interested in running for the Board, please complete the application and return to CPI.  A ballot will be sent to all owners approximately 3 to 4 weeks prior to the meeting.   All owners in good standing are welcome to serve on the Board.

Types of Meetings

  1. Annual Meeting – Held each January for the election of officers and providing annual reports to members
  2. Open Meetings – Normally held 5-8 times/year for conducting normal business. Homeowners are welcome and notices are posted one week in advance at the mailbox bulletin boards. Note the schedule for the year is on the DV/FP website
  3. Executive Sessions – open only to Board members to discuss legal issues or polices
  4. Special Meetings – to address serious safety, threats to property and critical issues that should not wait till the next Open Meeting

Major Board Project Priorities in 2020

  1. Implementation of the new website for Community – Projected in March
  2. DV/FP paint palette rollout for house body and trim color selections – February
  3. Maintenance of 5-foot clearance along perimeter walls – During 1Q and April
  4. Painting of the exterior walls and view fences of all 178 homes in Community – To be determined (TBD)