Thank you in advance for supporting the policies and procedures that have made Desert Views/ Four Peaks (DV/FP) a place of pride and a preferred living experience for all who live here.


The management company for DV/FP is Cornerstone Property Inc. (CPI). The primary contact for any DV/FP issue is Janet Bussing, Community Manager [email protected] or (602) 433-0331, x117.


DV/FP Homeowner Association (HOA) has a Board with a role to promote the safety, well-being, and maintenance of the community and provide value for the residents. They help protect home values, increase community pride and promote adherence to the CC&Rs. The members of the board and their priorities are listed under the Meet the Boardtab.


Residents in DV/FP are required to abide by two Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) documents which are recorded with Maricopa County. The DV/FP community has a set of CC&Rs and since DV/FP is part of the Troon Village Community there are the Troon Village Association (TVA) CC&Rs which also apply to the residents in DV/FP. And to further clarify, the TVA CC&Rs superseded those of DV/FP where ever common items are listed.

These documents should have been received at the time of closing and need to be reviewed carefully so there is a clear understanding of the homeowner responsibilities. Both of these documents as well as an Overview Summary of the CC&Rs are posted under the ‘Documents tab.


The DV/FP and the TVA CC&Rs DO NOT permit nightly, weekly, or monthly rentals. The TVA CC&Rs states the minimum lease period is 6 months with a contract. Rental property  and guests renting must be registered with the City of Scottsdale (COS) ( ) and the DV/FP Management Company, CPI. In addition all rentals are required to have a transaction privilege tax license plus listing of the license number in all advertising ( 

Homeowners are responsible for ensuring Renters are provided copies of the CC&RS for compliance purposes and are also responsible for any damage by Renters and Guests caused to the community.

Restrictions on rentals are enforced by COS and CPI.


The Troon Village Patrol provides security services and community monitoring as well as the contact for such items as wild animal removal, dead car battery starts, etc. The phone number is (602) 359-0678.


The posted speed limit on all DV/FP streets is 25 MPH.


Overnight street parking is NOT allowed for vendors, residents or their guests within the community.

Homeowner vehicles must be of a size to fit in the garage. While in driveway parking may be needed on occasion, and for overnight guests, continued driveway parking by homeowner (or renter) is not permitted.


When walking all dogs ensure they are on a leash, under control and that ‘poop bags’ are in-hand. If your dog poops – you are required to scoop and carry away. Signage in the community reminds dog walkers of the COS ordinance.  Also, ensure dogs do not pee on the community mailbox masonry or owner’s trash cans.


Homeowners are required to maintain their properties free of weeds and invasive plants such as mistletoe, desert broom, etc. The landscaping shall be neat and attractively maintained and shall be cultivated and planted to the extent that it appears in harmony with other lots in the HOA. In the case of prolonged absences and leased homes, the owner shall arrange for continued care and upkeep.

Any changes to the exterior of your property including front yard landscaping, exterior changes including any painting or additions requires approval by the TVA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) prior to the start of work. Architectural Approval forms are available on the website under the ‘Documents tab.

DV/FP has its own exterior paint palette selections which can be found on the Property Management tab and click on Paint Pallette for details and to see the approved exterior colors.. Only ‘flat’ exterior paint is permitted for the body and trim. Low gloss is permitted for the garage doors only.. It is suggested that only two exterior paints colors be used on your home, one for the body and the other for trim and/or pop out. View fences must only be painted the approved color, Slopes, Dunn Edwards DEC 721.

Pool Drainage and Pool Filter back washing: All pool drainage and back washings must be directed to the house sewer cleanout connection. Per the City of Scottsdale it is a violation to allow water discharges into the Common or NAOS areas. See COS Guide for NAOS under Documents tab.

In an attempt to maintain a peaceful community environment, it is the policy of the HOA that homeowners do NOT allow professional tradesmen (i.e., Landscapers, Construction Workers and Exterior Painters) to work on Sunday.


Iddings & Sons Landscaping (ISL) is contracted to maintain the clear 5-ft firebreak between resident properties and the Common and NAOS areas which is required by the City of Scottsdale. Landscaping and trimming in NAOS is not permitted by the City of Scottsdale. NAOS maintenance is limited to the removal of man-made debris, wash obstructions, invasive plants including desert broom, parasitic plant growth only as it relates to the health of the host plant. Dead plants, such as saguaros that have fallen over, serve as animal habitat and are to be left in place unless it is determined that they pose a health and safety concern.


Trash and Recycle Bins should NOT be left at curbside for more than 24 hours. Bins should be promptly restored out of sight in the garage or behind the wall the same day as collection.

Trash removal: Trash removal is provided by COS:

  • Trash in the ‘black’ containers on Wednesday
  • Recycle in the ‘pink’ container on Friday

The schedules may occasionally vary because of holidays. The schedules may be found on the following link,

The City of Scottsdale also provides bulk trash pick-up once a month. Here is the link to find the schedule for our zone, ‘Zone 2’ between Dynamite & Happy Valley Road,

Contact numbers for utilities and services are listed in the Contacttab.