The documents included below are the rules and policies of Desert Views/Four Peaks (DV/FP) which govern the community. They describe the requirements and limitations about what a homeowner can do with their property as well as other community policies. The goal of the CC&Rs and DV/FP policies is to protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community.

DV/FP homeowners actually have two sets of regulations with which to comply. Both sets of the Rules and CC&Rs should have been provided at the time of purchase by the realtor and factored into the purchasing decision. Since DV/FP is a community within the Troon Village Association (TVA) the CC&Rs and Rules set by TVA take precedent over those for DV/FP.  In other words, where there are duplicate topics such as rentals, parking, etc., the CC&Rs of TVA are the governing rules.  Otherwise the CC&Rs of DV/FP apply.

The Legal Documents below provide access to the two sets of CC&Rs as well as a quick read on TVA Rules and Regulation summary. Also, an overview of the key items from both sets of CC&Rs is found under the Need to Know tab.

The intent of providing these documents and summaries is to assist all homeowners in knowing the compliance requirements toward making DV/FP a preferred living community for everyone’s enjoyment.