Several DV/FP residents have indicated there are increasing incidences of dog poop not being picked up and carried away or that the ‘poop-in-a-bag’ is being left behind at curbside. Everyone when walking dogs needs to ensure they are on a leash, under control and that ‘poop bags’ are in-hand. If the dog poops the dog-walker is responsible to scoop and carry away. There is City of Scottsdale signage posted in the community that confirms the ordinance. Violators will be subject to the DV/FP Fine Policy posted on the website,, Documents tab.

It is also recognized that some of the problems could be from people outside of the DV/FP community walking through. In event, if violations are noticed please ’send a message’ on the DV/FP website with any details noted.

Also as a common courtesy, ensure dogs are not allowed to pee on the community mailbox masonry or owner’s trash cans.

Thanks for your attention.