Reminder on water drainage and pool filter back washing violation:

Water drainage and pool filter back washings that flow into any Common or NAOS area from a Homeowner’s property is a City of Scottsdale (COS) Ordinance violation (Reference, Vol 2, Chapter 37, Storm Water and Flood Plain Management, Article 4 under Enforcement, Section 37-77). These types of drainage from a Homeowner’s property must be directed to the house sewer cleanout connection. (No, this does not refer to washing a car or hosing the driveway for example)

During the process of assessing all lot walls and view fences in preparation of the paint project it was observed that 35 – 40 Homeowners are currently in violation of the COS ordinance. Some Homeowners even have direct plumbing of the pool filter back wash system through the wall or view fence. Many of the washout areas are getting to the point where soil replacement, added rocks and other repairs will be needed at a significant expense to the HOA finances.

Therefore, the request is being made to those 35 - 40 identified Homeowners to make sure their Pool Services companies maintain compliance and take the needed preventive measures for improved environmental stewardship and to be more conscious about not creating added maintenance costs for the community to absorb in the operating budget.

Thank you for your attention.