The Wall and View Fence Paint Project is being rescheduled to the October – December 2020 timeframe. The rationale for the delay is as follows:

  1. The COVID-19 Executive Order requirements for ‘stay in place’ and ‘social distancing’ essentially eliminates doing the painting as originally planned for the April – June timeframe.

  3. Four out of the five paint contractors submitted bids by the April 2 deadline, but all were higher than the Reserve Funds currently available. One of the bids was significantly out of the cost range from the other bids plus it lacked acceptable warranty provisions. Therefore, this contractor has been eliminated from future consideration. The 2 contractors with bids in the middle of the cost range provided the most complete response to the scope of work and therefore will be given further consideration.

  5. Given the magnitude, value and importance of the project to the whole DV/FP community it is imperative the emphasis be on securing the best possible outcome versus a ‘rush’ to completion. Also, during the discovery process it was found that a Homeowner’s large tree has to be removed. And, following the tree removal a portion of a masonry wall has to be reconstructed and the view fence re-aligned before painting can proceed. Rescheduling gives the time needed for these items.

Since receiving the bids, the Board has been diligently seeking options to lower the costs but still accomplishing the primary objective of repairing the severe degradation of the masonry walls and view fence across DV/FP.   Approximately 75% of the total project cost is related to the View Fence repairs and painting. Therefore, this week the Board conducted their own hands-on experimental trial on a section of View Fence to get actual data and experience on what will be required for rust removal, fixing highly corroded and ‘split’ spindles and the application of primer and actually changing the selected color to Dunn-Edwards Slopes (DEC721) from Apache Tan based on the painted color comparison on the View Fence.  The trial provided several valuable insights and details which will be useful in developing both a lower cost but effective scope of work with the paint contractors.  

Over the next two months the Board will be meeting with at least two contractors for the purpose of conducting a thorough on-site review and developing a more affordable repair and paint plan, especially for the view fence. 

Some good news for all Homeowners is the new schedule provides 4-5 months of additional time for everyone to get all vegetation from the outside of masonry walls removed and to trim back all vegetation now reaching through view fences. Your attention to having these items completed by no later than September 15 will be greatly appreciated. 

As more information on the project becomes available new website postings will be added to the ‘Latest News’.