DV/FP HOA Board Update

March 25, 2020

President's Report – March 2020

The March 2020 report highlights several of the ongoing initiatives and projects by the HOA Board for the Desert Views/Four Peaks (DV/FP) community.

  1. The new DV/FP Website will be ready to launch on March 30. About 90% of the pages will be completed and the ability for regular communications, notices and updates will be available. The URL access to the DV/FP website will be, desertviewsfourpeaks.com

  2. The bid packages for the Wall and View Fence Painting Project were sent to 5 contractors on March 9. The contractor proposals are expected by April 2. Once received the Board will review the bids and award the contract. The 2-month repair and painting project is projected to occur during the April-May-June timeframe. Once the contractor is selected and a project timeline established notices will be posted at the mailboxes and on the website plus email and snail mail communications will be sent to the Homeowners listing the many details and specific timelines as well as the respective responsibilities of the Board and Homeowners for the project. After this initial mailing Homeowners will be able to keep current and find the exact painting dates for their area under “Latest News” on the DV/FP website.

    Building on the discussions at the February meeting, Homeowners should have already been developing their plan for taking care of vegetation removal over and through view fences or arrangements for tying back vegetation 12 inches to gain access for 4-sided view fence painting. In addition, critter fence guards on the view fences will need to be removed. Critter fences can be put back in place after view fence painting but only on the inside of the view fence (Homeowners side).  All vegetation on the outside of the walls must be completely removed.

  3. As reported at both the January and February meetings, the Mailbox Replacement Project is on ‘HOLD’. And to summarize, the estimated cost for all 4 mailboxes will be in the $50,000 range for the Post Office specs and design selected. Further review and discussion of this project may resume once the affordability question can be addressed.

  4. The focus of the Desert Foothills Landscape (DFL) maintenance crews over the last 2-3 months has been on clearing the mandatory 5-foot firebreak on the outside of the perimeter walls. Major progress has clearly been made and this work should be completed by the end of April. The DFL crews will then get back to the normal schedule on the landscape maintenance of the Common Areas.

  5. Plans are also being made to address the clearing of wash areas. At the February meeting approval by the Board was given for a special project contract in the amount of $1,485 for the clearing of the wash that extends from DV Lot 115 to FP Lot 216. This is scheduled to occur April 14-15.

  6. During the January Board meeting a project was initiated to determine options for more efficient and less expensive solar lighting at the DV/FP entrances which would circumvent the intermittent performance and negate the $1,000 – 3,000 annual operating cost of the currently outdated solar light system. Since the February meeting first trials of modern, $50 – 60 solar lights have been shown to provide even more effective lighting versus the current system at the two Jomax entrances. So, a better option has been identified and work continues with further tests and developing an installation plan. Also the assessment continues for developing lighting options of the existing N116th street entrance signs.

  7. As reported by the Treasurer, the monthly financials for the DV/FP Association remain in very good standing. Also, a very concerted effort is being made to maximize interest income using all available options with our bank, Mutual of Omaha Bank.

  8. High energy, transparency and quick detailed attention continues to be a hallmark of this Board in making significantly visible upgrades and lower cost enhancements in the DV/FP community.

Respectfully submitted,