The detailed bid package for painting the perimeter walls and view fences were sent on March 9 to 5 paint contractors that specialize in this type work. The proposals back from the contractors are expected on or before April 2. The Board will then evaluated the proposals to ensure the submissions meet all the requirements and specs included in the detailed bid package. It is anticipated there will be selection of one of the 5 contractors for the DV/FP Paint Project.

Timing – Once the contractor has been selected and a tentative schedule developed a letter will be sent to all Homeowners (plus website and mailbox postings) providing the details on both Homeowner and Board responsibilities as well as how timings will be established. The total project is expected to take 2 – 3 months (in the April – May – June– July timeframe) and will be done in sections. Future and frequent updates will be provided on the website on the Homepage under Latest News.

In the meantime and as discussed at the February 24 special session for Homeowners about the Paint Project, Homeowners should already be planning for how they will either prune or tie-back all vegetation from the view fence by 12 inches to allow for the repairs and painting. Also, all vegetation on the outside of any walls needs to be completely removed.

Please check the website weekly for updates.