Troon Village Association (TVA) is the master association governing Troon Village communities. TVA is comprised of 12 sub associations, one of which is Desert Views/Four Peaks (DV/FP). Each sub association looks after items that affect their individual community such as maintenance of landscaping, view fence repairs and exterior paint colors.

In response to homeowner requests for a paint palette more suitable for the DV/FP community, the Board of Directors recently approved a new paint palette for the 178 home community. The Dunn-Edwards professionals were engaged and very helpful in the study and assessment to maintain Troon’s earth tone/desert palette which resulted in the final paint color selection.

TVA has 86 colors on the master exterior paint palette. Each HOA may create their own palette using the colors from the TVA master palette. Just to give some examples, one sub association has a palette with three color offerings. Another has 22. DV/FP has chosen 18 exterior colors. With the smaller square footage homes and higher density in DV/FP, it was the goal to minimize the number of colors so the palette would not create such great contrast from one home to the next. In other sub associations where homes are on larger acreage and greater distance between, contrast is not as noticeable. Approval for DV/FP paint palette was granted by the Board of Directors from TVA and DV/FP.  In addition, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has approved the 18-color paint selection.

There were several things to consider in choosing a meaningful color palette for DV/FP.  First, color is defined by its Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and each color is assigned a number.
Explained in simple terms, LRV refers to how light or how dark a paint color is on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (white). The City of Scottsdale (COS) requires homes to be painted with a color no higher than 40 LRV. While this is a newer ordinance, some of the 86 colors of TVA are grandfathered in since many colors were approved before the new the ordinance was implemented.

The average LRV of the TVA colors is in the 34 to 47 range for exterior paint colors. The new palette reflects this same range and has the same theme to be consistent with existing colors. The DV/FP palette’s range is from 20 LRV to 50 LRV and all colors are on the TVA master palette, which is a requirement for all sub associations. One of the stated goals in selecting the new palette was to avoid the extremes of colors lower than 20 LRV and higher than 50 LRV.

Secondly, homeowners, board members and professionals from Dunn-Edwards spent many hours walking and driving the streets in DV/FP looking at existing colors of homes. The purpose of these on-site assessments was to validate the colors to be eliminated as well as be assured the desired match of complementary colors was achieved.

In summary, the selected 18-color palette will give the community a more appealing look. Also, the new paint color for the view fence is Slopes (DEC721) by Dunn-Edwards. Going forward, all view fences must be painted only this color.

The following are some additional suggestions, conditions and links to documents/forms that will help with the process of selecting paint colors. Remember, any change to home exteriors must be approved by ARC.

  • Only FLAT exterior paint is permitted for the body and trim of the home.
  • Lower gloss or satin sheen finishes are permitted for the garage door only.
  • It is suggested that 1-2 colors be used for smaller square footage homes-one for the body and one for the trim.
  • For larger square footage homes (over 2,000sf), up to three colors can be used.
  • Residents may paint their home the existing color even though it may not be on the DV/FP paint palette.
  • If paint is purchased by the homeowner or paint contractor through Dunn-Edwards, a 37% discount off the list price will be given.
  • It is recommended that our residents use the photo shop rendering offered by Dunn- Edwards to experiment with colors and color combinations.
  • DV/FP paint palette may be found on our There are 18 colors from which to choose. You may ‘mix and match’ or use the suggested color combinations provided.

Paint Request Form – ARC
List of DV/FP approved Icon of Paint Palette Paint Palette (27.0 KiB)
Click here to the DV/FP colors on the Dunn-Edwards website